• 03-MAR-2016

Wynn Study Reveals New Somerville Projects To Add More Than 62,700 Vehicles Per Day

LAS VEGAS (March 3, 2016)—A review of data by Wynn Resorts' consultants reveals that three major development projects that are located in Somerville or on its border—all located less than two miles from the Wynn Resort in Everett—will add more than 62,700 vehicles to area roadways on a daily basis. The traffic generated by these future projects have largely gone unquantified and unmentioned thus far.

Because the developments are in pre-environmental-review stages and have no significant traffic studies to date, Wynn contracted a licensed professional traffic engineering firm to assess the roadway impact of the three projects: 1) the 73-acre future phase of Assembly Square, 2) the 12-acre/2.2 million sq. ft. mixed use redevelopment of Union Square and 3) the 5-acre/2 million sq. ft. North Point project on the Somerville, East Cambridge border. The firm created a conservative trip-generation estimate using a combination of accepted industry standards that were based on data available from prior Assembly Row environmental filings.

The addition by Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone of more than 62,700 vehicles to area roadways from these projects stands in stark contrast to Somerville's appeal of Wynn's Chapter 91 environmental license. The appeal is primarily based on Somerville’s contention that Wynn will negatively impact the health of Somerville residents by adding 20,130 extra vehicles per day onto local roadways.

The following is a breakdown of the 62,700 additional vehicle trips that would be added to Somerville roadways if these three projects move forward:
o  73 acres; first parcel proposed for 1.1 million sq. ft. of office and labs; 9,000 residences proposed
32,418 Vehicle Trips Per Day Generated


o  12 acres; 2.2 million sq. ft.; $1 billion mixed-use redevelopment of housing, retail and offices
o  Source: Assembly Row Notice of Project Change to MEPA, May 15, 2015
14,304 Vehicle Trips Per Day Generated


o  8 of 18 future buildings touch Somerville and need city permitting; 2.03 million sq. ft.
o  Source: Northpoint Final Development Proposal, January 12, 2015
16,013 Vehicle Trips Per Day Generated (Entire Project)

The new vehicle trips created by these three projects total 62,735. This total does not include the 23,259 vehicle trips per day currently generated by Assembly Row. Wynn Resorts will generate 20,130 vehicle trips per day.

“Why is development OK in Somerville and not OK on the other side of the river, in Everett?” said Robert DeSalvio, president of Wynn Everett. “It doesn’t seem fair or equitable considering Wynn is paying more than $265 million in traffic mitigation without any public funds being used.”

Wynn has spent three years and has completed 20 exhaustive environmental and traffic plans that have been thoroughly reviewed by three federal agencies, 12 state agencies, 14 municipalities and 20 local organizations. These studies demonstrate that Wynn would add the following traffic to Interstate Route 93:

o   Only 0.85% (less than 1%) onto Route 93 Southbound
o   Only 1.97% (less than 2%) onto Route 93 Northbound

Preparation and remediation of the 33-acre Wynn site along the Mystic River began in October of 2015 and was progressing on schedule. Construction of the Wynn Resort in Everett will generate 4,000 union construction jobs that cover 10 million total work hours. An additional 4,000 permanent operational jobs will be created when the resort is open.