• 13-SEP-2018

Encore Boston Harbor Completes Pre-Opening Payments to City of Everett & Opens First Encore Career Center

EVERETT, MA (June 25, 2018) — Encore Boston Harbor marked its one year to opening today by presented a $12.5 million check to the City of Everett just minutes before officially opening the first Encore Boston Harbor Career Center, located at Everett City Hall.
The $12.5 million payment completes the $30 million pre-opening commitment made by Encore to the City of Everett. The city will receive $25.3 million a year once the $2.5 billion resort opens in June of 2019.
The Encore Boston Harbor Career Center will be staffed by resort personnel during regular Everett City Hall hours and will be a resource for residents of Everett and other local communities to learn more about working at the five-star global resort. Visitors to the Career Center will have the ability to identify and apply for current jobs, review upcoming positions, match personal skills and experience to jobs, compare benefits and more. 
“Fifty-two weeks from now, when we open Encore Boston Harbor, we want it to be filled with workers and vendors from in and around Everett,” said Robert DeSalvio, President of Encore Boston Harbor. “The Mayor of Everett is doing an excellent job putting our pre-opening payments to good use for all in his city, but having residents working at our resort is what’s really important to him, and to us. More than jobs, these are long-lasting careers that can have a positive impact on individuals and their families.”
Encore Boston Harbor is on schedule to open in June of 2019.
“This project has already yielded tremendous economic, environmental and recreational benefits for the City of Everett and its residents,” said Mayor Carlo DeMaria, CIty of Everett. “I fought for this development because of the opportunity it offers to the residents of Everett. These 4,000 hospitality jobs have career ladders to allow employees to progress, and earn strong wages to support their families. By opening the Encore Career Center today in City Hall, our residents will have direct access to those opportunities. “