• 09-AUG-2016

$1 Billion In Bids Issued For Wynn Boston Harbor

EVERETT, MA — August 9, 2016 — Wynn Resorts has announced that Suffolk Construction Company, general contractor for Wynn Boston Harbor resort, is soliciting more than $1 billion in subcontracted services and supplies needed to build the 5-star destination resort. The bid package is among the highest ever issued for any private, union-built, single-phase development in the history of Massachusetts.

“Wynn is absolute in our commitment to keep as much spending as possible close to home during our nearly three-year construction phase, particularly with minority, women and veteran-owned vendors,” said Robert DeSalvio, president of Wynn Boston Harbor. “We particularly want local vendors and workers to step up and play a big role in building Wynn Boston Harbor.”

Companies interested in bidding on work or supplies at Wynn Boston Harbor can obtain more information by emailing wynninfo@suffolk.com​​​ or calling Emily Earll at 617-517-4584.

The bid solicitation announcement comes less than a week after Wynn Boston Harbor started full construction on the $2.1 billion, 33-acre resort. All Wynn hiring, shoreline remediation and construction-related work was suspended on the resort when Somerville filed its appeal to the DEP in February of this year. Chapter 91 is a state licensing requirement for any development that is on the water and is designed to ensure public access and use of the waterfront.

Wynn Boston Harbor is the largest single-phase construction project in the history of the Commonwealth and will generate 4,000 union jobs and 10 million labor hours.